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Possible May POTM cards

2020.05.09 02:46 jpooch21 Possible May POTM cards

I was thinking about what cards we could see in the May POTM program. I took a look at which players won the respective awards each year. Some guys included in April didn’t win the awards, but this is a good starting point. I’ll also list cards from the last few years of POTM programs, as they’ll probably just draw from those.
2016: NL:Daniel Murphy: 29 G .416/.424/.673, 7 HR, 23 RBI AL: Jackie Bradley Jr: 27 G .381/.474/.701, 8 HR, 24 RBI
2017: NL: Charlie Blackmon - 28 G .359/.387/.650, 6 HR, 22 RBI AL: Carlos Correa - 26 G .386/.457/.673, 7 HR, 26 RBI
2018: Scooter Gennett:26 G .398/.418/.720, 8 HR, 24 RBI Francisco Lindor :27 G .373/.432/.737, 10 HR, 23 RBI
2019: Josh Bell - 29 G .390/.442/.797, 12 HR, 31 RBI Rafael Devers - 26 G .351/.380/.640, 8 HR, 24 RBI
2016: NL: Clayton Kershaw - 6 G, 5-0, 0.91, 65 SO AL Rich Hill: 6 G, 5-1, 2.13, 37 SO
2017: NL: Alex Wood - 5 G, 5-0, 1.27, 41 SO AL: Lance McCullers Jr. - 6 G, 4-0, 0.99, 37 SO
2018: NL: Max Scherzer - 6 G, 4-0, 2.21, 63 SO AL: Justin Verlander - 6 G, 3-2, 0.86, 50 SO
2019: NL: Hyun-Jin Ryu - 6 G, 5-0, 0.59, 36 SO AL: Lucas Giolito - 6 G, 5-0, 1.74, 46 SO
A few things stick out... Devers, Bell, Blackmon, and Correa all have FOTF cards that would be similar to what an awards card would look like. Same goes for Giolito and his new Players League card. Then Scherzer also won POTM in April, but SDS chose to skip over him and go with Corbin. Are they going to do that again, and maybe wait for Verlander and Scherzer to get 99 Postseason/Awards cards later in the year? Verlander did get his 92 POTM in The Show 18.
I think Lindor would be awesome. The community has always loved his LS card, and having him be the prestige card would be sweet. As a Dodgers fan I can say the same for Kershaw. I’m not sure if we’ll be getting his 99 Sig Series again, but if not a mid 90s Kershaw that you can Prestige would be sweet.
I think Ryu and Gennett are safe bets, as they would probably end up being the best cards of the year for those two. I know last year they had a 90 Topps Now card for Ryu, and a 95 Josh Bell. Do they go back to those cards, or do they create new ones for this month
Assuming they just don’t completely copy/paste for past years, and the ratings follow last month’s model I think we could see something like...
Wood - 85 (His May 2017 card was actually a 94, but diamonds were 90+ IIRC) Gennett - 86 (would be a bit higher than his gold 2018 May card) McCullers - 87 (his 2017 card was a 93, so this adjustment makes sense) Ryu - 90 (Would be the same as his Tops Now card from last May) Lindor - 93+Prestige (Verlander would be a safe choice here, and this month being a pitcher makes sense, but I want Frankie!)
They might end up picking someone that didn’t win one of the awards that they’ve included in the past.
19’s May program had Gold Bryan Reynolds, Gold Carson Kelly, Diamond Hector Neris, Diamond Derek Dietrich, Diamond Woodruff.
18 had Diamond Stripling, Diamond Brandon Crawford, Gold Newcomb, Gold Seranthony Dominguez
17 had Diamond Justin Bour (90), Gold Cozart (89), Gold Devon Travis (89), Gold Koda Glover (86)
With all of this information, what cards would you want to see as part of the upcoming program, and what cards do you HOPE are part of it? This might be fun to guess every month, and see how close we all were,
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2019.03.21 20:16 Mikepenpal6 [Thank You] put their username(s) here

Sorry for the delay! I'm still catching up from being away for a week.
u/bananacreampiee - Thank you for the handmade Pi card! I love the story of the Hairy Ball Theorem. It's crazy that 3-D model helped us understand wind patterns fro the planet. I was actually a Math major in college. Did you study it or just a passing interest?
u/ejthjin - Thank you for the Aladdin card! It means so much to me that this is from your personal collection. I also have a collection of postcards from when I was growing up. I will definitely cherish this card. It's one of my favorite movies. The wife and I actually just got back from Disney, so this was super fun to receive!
u/carleen1210 -Thank you for the procrastination card! The note card itself was gorgeous :) Sounds like you have a lot on your plate. Hopefully you don't stress out too much on the planning. If I learned anything from that time in my life, you can come up with your best plan but in the end of the day it'll all work itself out as long as you do your best :)
u/shepanda - Thank you for the stickers and card! Good luck with your garden. I'm so glad it's starting to warm up :)
u/shadesoflanternhill - Thank you for the beautiful Tortoro card and all the cute stickers! I love that movie :) The card was so beautifully decorated, I love it!
u/stephkempf - Thank you for the cute small card, tea and gremlin card! I used to collect all those topps cards from the 90s so it brought back great memories. You should be getting somethings soon :)
u/sp0ckat - Thank you for the St Pattys card! No worries on the Valentines card at all, I didn't even know you were planning on sending one. Thank you for the candy offer but definitely no need for that :) I"m just happy to receive a card from you (Plus we we probably don't need the calories lol)
Mystery User - Thank you for the thank you card! It was a lovely flower card thanking me for stationary goodies. Please let me know your user name if you come across this.

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